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Terms and Condition of Sale

These terms and conditions ("Agreement") apply to your purchase of computer systems and/or related Products and/or services and support sold from this site in the United States, Canada, and foreign countries ("Product") under the Trading Computers brand ("Falcon Systems"). By accepting delivery of the Product, you accept and are bound to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Payment terms are within Falcon Systems sole discretion, and, unless otherwise agreed to by Falcon Systems, payment must be made at the time of purchase. We will not be responsible for reporting any transactions to any State or Province other than the State of Wyoming. This agreement may be updated at any time.

We are not liable for loss of use or loss of data as a result of shipping delays or equipment failure.

Title shall pass from Falcon Systems to you the buyer upon receipt of goods at the agreed delivery destination, providing that the goods were not damaged during shipping. You must promptly notify us of goods damaged in shipping and follow the carrier's insurance procedures. We will repair or replace (see "Replacement Policy" below) items damaged in shipping prior to final settlement by the carrier. Third parties designated by the buyer to receive goods do not diminish the transfer of title to the buyer.

You are liable for paying for the product under the terms of this agreement regardless of the success or failure of credit card processing or charge reversal by your credit card issuer. The Laws of the State of Wyoming shall govern all purchases. All purchases have the same legal effect as if they are made in person in our office in Laramie, Wyoming. These terms shall be construed and interpreted according to Wyoming State Law. We may elect to move the legal venue to the customer's legal jurisdiction in the event of a dispute. (Note that as of this date there has never been a dispute between Falcon Systems and any other person, business, non-profit, or governmental entity).

Return Policy

Prior to returning any Product you must obtain approval from us.

Allowable Return Period:

  • Desktop computers: 30 days
  • Notebook/Laptop computers: 14 days
  • Monitors & Monitor Stands: 30 days


  • The return period starts on the day you accept delivery of your original item. If the item was repaired or replaced for any reason, the return period is not reset unless it was damaged in shipping or other arrangements are agreed upon.
  • Do not ship it back to us without contacting us first.
  • You pay to ship it back to us and MUST PROPERLY PACKAGE AND INSURE IT. If it is damaged during shipping, then you must get compensation from the carrier. We will cooperate with your claim processing as much as possible.
  • You will not be refunded for items that cannot be resold due to damage, or missing accessories or documentation.
  • Processing Fee:
    A processing fee of $11 per monitor, $15 per monitor stand, and $25 per computer will not be refunded. However, this fee will be waived if you paid for shipping (you didn't get free shipping or you shipped it under your own account).
  • If the box(s) are unopened then there will be no restocking fee. Otherwise, there will be a inspection/restocking fee of 10%-25% depending on the condition of the returned items. Returns of monitors will not be accepted if they are damaged, lack their original box, or lack their original foam cushioning. You will be given a copy of the inspection report. Items being returned due to a customer caused defect, like a virus or damage to a USB port will be charged a re-stocking fee of at least 10%.
  • Used keyboard and mouse items cannot be returned for a refund, they are yours once you begin using them.
  • If the exterior of a computer or monitor stand is scratched or damaged, then you will be charged for the cost of repairing it (monitors cannot be returned with scratches or damage).
  • No refund for special order parts that you requested for your computer.
  • 5% Inspection and restocking fee applies to Laptops still in new condition.
  • Laptops returned that are not in new condition will be credited the market value (our assessed value) based on the condition. We will not accept delivery of items that were shipped after the return policy expires. If our loading dock crew inadvertently accepts the item then it will be held for you until you have the item picked up at your expense.
  • 10% Inspection and restocking fee applies to other items.

*A defective computer is one that does not operate the way it was designed to operate. If the computer was ordered with an Operating System or Software, problems with the programing code of the Operating System or any Software installed does not constitute a defect in our product. If the customer finds some aspects of the computer undesirable, but it is a normal condition, that does not constitute a defect. Lack of compatibility with some peripherals does not constitute a defect.

Who pays for shipping

You pay to return the computer to us for a refund.

Replacement Policy

In very rare situations, a customer may have a computer that has requires more than one or two repairs. This usually occurs because the problem was not correctly diagnosed or the repair person incorrectly performed the repair (or both). May of these circumstances are beyond our control and we ask you the customer to be patient with the process. All efforts possible will be employed to prevent the need for, and shorten the duration of multiple repair circumstances. We may elect to transfer and re-use high-cost low-turnover components. Computers will be completely replaced under the following policy:

Computers will be replaced when any one of the following conditions are met:

  1. No computers containing a significant cost in special order parts will be replaced.
  2. Your computer does not meet your needs and the purchase was based on inaccurate information or recommendations from our Website, or from a written communication from us.
  3. Significant Shipping Damage.
  4. The computer does not meet the Website posted performance specifications or functions.
  5. You received a different item or an uncorrectable configuration error, such as a Dual-Core CPU computer rather than a Quad-Core CPU computer.
  6. During the first 2 weeks after you receive your computer, we will usually replace it with a new computer after 1 unsuccessful repair, unless the second repair is fast and very simple.
  7. During the first 30 days after you receive your computer, we will usually replace it with a new computer after 2 unsuccessful repairs, unless the third repair is fast and very simple.
  8. During the first 60 days after you receive your computer, we will usually replace it with a new computer after 3 unsuccessful repairs, unless the fourth repair is fast and very simple.
  9. During the first 90 days after you receive your computer, we will usually replace it with a new or factory re-furbished computer after 4 unsuccessful repairs, unless the fifth repair is fast and very simple.
  10. During the first 9 months after you receive your computer, we will usually replace it with a factory re-furbished computer after 4 unsuccessful repairs, unless the fifth repair is fast and very simple.
  11. After 9 months, computers are generally not replaced.

Responsibility for Damage

In the case of Products that are received damaged, if the damages were not caused by shipping, the damages are the customer's responsibility (parts and labor). If there is no shipping damage, then the customer is responsible for the as-found condition of the computer when it arrives at our location. Our intake inspection is the only condition that will be valid in identifying damage. The Product should be returned in the original packaging to avoid shipping damage. Poorly packaged Product returns are likely to be damaged, and the shipper may not accept responsibility for the damage. In such cases, the customer is responsible for Product damages (parts and labor).

The shipper must be notified upon delivery, or shortly thereafter, if there is shipping damage to the Product.

Alternative Policies

We reserve the right to negotiate alternative terms with individual customers based on individual circumstances. Such changes in agreements are only by mutual consent and are binding on all parties to the agreement.

Our offices may be closed or may close early from December 23 to December 29. During this period we may not be available to answer questions or issue RMAs. From time to time, there may be other periods where responses may be delayed 24-48 hours due to workload, staff training, or other business requirements.

Use of this Site

By using this site ("Site"), you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The material provided on this Site is protected by U.S. Copyright Law.

Reproduction of images and quotes of text from this site on other Websites, forums, and blogs is permissible providing that credit is given to us and a link back to our home page (text or image link) is provided. We reserve the right to revoke this permission if we find the content to be unfair, obscene, inappropriate, or is contrary to our interests. This permission does not constitute a forfeiture of our copyright protection.

Any claim relating to, and/or the use of, this Site and the materials contained herein is governed by the laws of the State of Wyoming.

Limitation of Liability:


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